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Role Players 2023

Asha Alexander

Principal and CEO & Executive Leader - Climate Change
GEMS Legacy School, Dubai, UAE

Mrs. Asha Alexander is the Principal at GEMS Legacy School (GLS), Dubai, and the Executive Leader of Climate Change at GEMS Education. She received her Master of Science in Educational Leadership from The Walden University, Minnesota in 2011. She holds Master degrees in Education as well as English from Bangalore University, India. With 33 years of experience in the provision of education to K-12 students, she has been instrumental in the transition of GLS to an exclusively digital curriculum school. Mrs. Alexander took charge as the principal of GEMS Legacy School, which was formerly known as The Kindergarten Starters (KGS), in 2011. It was with her perseverance and resilience that she transformed KGS from being a primary school into GLS, which now caters to students from K-12.

As the first Principal to be certified as an UN-Climate Change Leader, she was invited to speak at World Education Summit, COP 25 conference and further in the climate classrooms for the other COPs annually. With her leadership and vision the school was selected as the Top 10 Schools for environment action at World Education Week. She has also conducted numerous other international webinars on sustainable education and hosted workshops on leadership and change management. She now continues to lead the GEMS Global Ambassadors' Society with an aim to promote ESD and has invested more than 75 schools across the world including HUB schools in Italy, Indonesia, India and Malawi.