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Role Players 2023

Hazel A. Trapero

Vice Chancellor for Administration
University of The Philippines CEBU

Asst. Prof. Hazel Avergonzado Trapero is currently the Vice Chancellor for Administration (VCA) of the University of the Philippines Cebu (UPC). As an educator and researcher, Asst. Prof. Trapero is a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. She is also a Research Excellence Awardee (2018-2021) while completing her degree (Doctor in Information Technology) at De La Salle UniversityManila. In addition, she has taught Special Problems in the UPC Department of Computer Science (DCS) and Special Problems in the Master of Education Program. The special problems she is handling align with her field of specialization, which includes Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), especially dealing with chatbots and Augmented Reality (AR).
She is also engaged in several Research-related collaborations, particularly on topics related to her research interests, which include the utilization of augmented reality (AR) in innovating pedagogy, AR ethical issues, development of AR apps to improve healthcare students' classroom experience, and chatbot use in air travel, among others. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and, in fact, one of the mentoring coaches of the action research mentoring programs for School Teachers. She is willing to offer her time as a Resource Speaker on IT- and Research-related topics.