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Role Players 2023

Laxman Pokhrel

CEO and Principal
College for Professional Studies
(Techspire College)

Mr. Laxman Pokhrel is a zealous learner who is always in the process of discovering new things that will allow him to continue on the path of success. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and is now pursuing a Doctorate in Management at Lincoln University, Malaysia. Mr. Pokhrel has more than twenty years of substantial experience in the management, administration, instruction, and academic operations of Nepalese educational institutions. In addition to this he is an entrepreneur, mentor and trainer.

He is the CEO and Principal of College for Professional Studies (Techspire College), which offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in business administration and information technology. In addition, he has founded Prashikshan and currently serves as its President. Prashikshan is a business that offers a cutting-edge platform for experiential learning. Through Prashikshan, Mr. Pokhrel sprouts learners' aptitude for skill acquisition, upskilling, reskilling, and future preparation. Mr. Pokhrel has also founded an agriculture-based honey and bee products business that has expanded its market globally.

He has been identified as the most enthusiastic educator along his path into educational leadership. His enthusiasm for education, work in the teaching landscape, and unmatched domain expertise enabled him to become the iconic educator. He has also received a prestigious Outstanding Leadership Award in the Education 2.0 Conference held in Dubai in December 2022.