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Role Players 2023

Prof. Seema Mahajan

Pravin Dalal School of Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management

Professor Mahajan is the founder member and instrumental in developing this initiative MBA -Family Business at NMIMS. Under her leadership, the School has sustained and scaled to a different level, from one program to today's five focused full time graduate and undergraduate programs with over 6000 alumni, budding entrepreneurs of the nation. The School has won various accolades nationally and internationally and has been ranked consistently in top position in the Country for nurturing entrepreneurship and creating "Atma Nirbhar India" for last two decades.
Prof Mahajan is seen as a Pioneer in the field of family run businesses and entrepreneurship education in the country and her deep rooted understanding and significant contribution in the said sector is mentioned and often recognized on national and international forums.

She has successfully led this change right from traders to manufacturers, individuals to Joint families, traditionally run to professionally run businesses, self- structured to professionally structured businesses. Seema has been associated with over 400 Companies as an advisor, mentor and as a professional and is seen as an integral part in their growth story.

Prof. Mahajan has always enjoyed being at NMIMS, and as an advisor, has successfully executed Business strategies expansions and diversifications, Product development design and delivery, Positioning and Branding, Business Value identification and Audit, Customer care & grievance handling, in the last few years, nationally and internationally.

Apart from the above mentioned areas, she is known as an Academic trainer in the field of experiential learning and relating it to management concepts. Mahajan has won various awards including "10 most influential women leader in Indian education" and Gold medal for nurturing family Businesses in India by former Hon President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee and is on various academic & non-academic boards, and frequent speaker at conferences and seminars. She is often covered in reputed magazines and newspapers for her unique and innovative thinking and contribution in the academic area and has won several awards in the last three years