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  Organizational Award Categories  
  Award for Learning Technologies Solution  
  »   kPoint Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  Excellence in Content Development Award  
  »   FirstObject Technologies  
  Best E-Learning Development Tool  
  »   Harbinger Knowledge Products  
  Most Innovative New Learning Hardware or Software Product  
  »   Liqvid eLearning Services Pvt. Ltd.  
  Best Virtual Classroom Provider  
  », authorGEN Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  
  Best use of Mobile Technology for Learning  
  »   G-Cube Solutions
» Pvt. Ltd.
  Outstanding Student Support Services  
  »   Parisutham Institute of Technology   Science  
  Individual Award Categories  
  E-Learning Leadership Award  
  »   Krishna Kumar, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Simplilearn Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  
  Award for Excellence in E-Learning  
  »   Dr. C. V. S. L. Kameswari, Chief Operating Officer, FirstObject Technologies
»   Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman, Founder & CEO, Srisakdi Charmonman Institute
»   Eyal Eshed, Chief Executive Officer, SpeakingPal Ltd.
»   Martin Knott, CEO & General Manager, Moodlerooms, Inc.
  Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education  
  »   GaiHonNyaNi: The Amos Key Jr. E-Learning Foundation  
  Best E-Learning Companies  
  »   Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd.
»   Sparsha Learning Technologies
»   Tridat Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
»   Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.
»   Learnpact Training Academy
»   TATA Interactive Systems
»   Zobble Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
»   Enable Mobile Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  Excellence in Content Development Award  
  »   Zee Learn
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