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E-learning is commonly referred to the intentional use of networked information and communications technology in Teaching and Learning. The term E-Learning comprises a lot more than Online Learning, Virtual Learning, Distributed Learning, Networked or Web-based Learning, Mobile Learning, Digital Learning.

The Global E-Learning Awards recognizes excellence in e-learning – the programmes, projects, tools, strategies, teams or Individuals. The Awards focuses on the Best and Innovative use of the existing or new Information Technologies to enhance Learning.


  • Award for Training Company of the year
  • Award for Learning Technologies Solution
  • Award for Innovation in Learning Services
  • Award for Best use of Social / Collaborative for Learning Programme
  • Excellence in Blended Technology Award
  • Excellence in Content Development Award
  • Excellence in the production of Learning content
  • Most Innovative new learning hardware or software product
  • Best E-Learning Development Tool
  • Outstanding Online Course
  • Outstanding Blended Course
  • Outstanding use of New Technology and/or Delivery System
  • Best Virtual Classroom Provider
  • Best Multi-Media Content for K12 Education
  • Best Technology for Higher Education Institutes
  • Best Online distance learning Programme
  • Best Education Training Campaigns & Programs
  • e-learning Industry Award for outstanding achievement
  • Outstanding Student Support Services
  • Online Strategy of the Year
  • Best business project dependent on mobile technology
  • Innovative Mobile App of the Year
  • Best use of Mobile Technology for Learning
  • Award for Excellence in Distance Education
  • E-Learning development company of the year
  • E-Learning Team of the year
  • Best Multimedia Designer
  • Best Custom Built Content
  • Best use of Games for Learning
  • Best use of Video for Learning
  • Best Learning Program - IT (Information Technology)
  • Best e-learning project – third sector
  • Best e-learning project - public sector
  • Best e-learning project – private sector
  • Excellence in the production of learning content – third sector
  • Excellence in the production of learning content - public sector
  • Excellence in the production of learning content - private sector
  • Best use of synchronous online learning/virtual classrooms
  • Best use of social and collaborative technologies for learning
  • Best use of e-learning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies
  • Most innovative new learning product
  • Best learning game, simulation or virtual environment
  • Best online distance learning programme
  • Best use of blended learning
  • Best learning management system implementation
  • Award for Excellence in online learning platform
  • Best journal/magazine for e-learning
  • Best e-learning software
  • Best e-learning Industry/company Award for outstanding achievement
  • Award for best e-learning institute/university
  • Award for best e-learning department in institute/university

Digital Learning

  • Best use of digital learning
  • Best Digital Content and Curriculum Achievement Awards
  • Best Digital Learning innovation Awards
  • Outstanding achievement in digital learning
  • Best digital book awards
  • Best digital learning excellence award
  • Best journal/magazine for digital learning
  • Best Digital learning technologies solution
  • Best digital learning Industry/company Award for outstanding achievement
  • Award for best digital learning institute/university
  • Award for best digital learning department in institute/university

Mobile Learning

  • Outstanding Contribution to m-learning
  • Best paper award for m-learning
  • Mobile-learning innovation award
  • Best use of m-learning
  • Offline mobile learning
  • Best use of Mobile technology for m-learning
  • Best business project dependent on mobile technology
  • Best journal/magazine for m-learning
  • Innovative Mobile App of the Year
  • M-learning Industry/company Award for outstanding achievement
  • Award for best m-learning institute/university
  • Award for best m-learning department in institute/university
  • E-Learning Leadership Award
  • Distance Education Leadership Award
  • Innovative Leadership Award
  • Chief Learning Officer of the year
  • Best Instructional Designer
  • Training Manager of the year
  • Young Learning Leader
  • Best Graphic Designer
  • Institutional Leadership Award
  • Award for Excellence in E-Learning
  • Innovative Leader Award
  • Best Dean/Director/Head of e-learning in institute/university
  • CEO of the Year
  • Best Chief Learning Officer
  • young achiever award
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