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   Prof. Ahmed Bin Khalfan Al Rawahi

University of Nizwa


Born in Izki, Oman in 1963, Dr Ahmed received his primary and secondary education in Oman. Awarded a full scholarship from the Omani Government, he was awarded his BSc in Biological Sciences with Honors from North Carolina State University, USA in 1988. He joined Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) in 1988 as a technician and teaching assistant in the College of Agriculture. Two years later, he joined the University of California at Berkeley, USA where he received an MSc in 1992 and a PhD in Plant Pathology in 1995.

Upon his return to SQU he was appointed lecturer where he taught several courses in the field of plant pathology and Microbiology as well as conducted and initiated several research topics in soil-borne pathogens, biocontrol, and disease management programs. In December 1997 he was honored by his appointment as Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, where he played major role in developing various strategies and development plans for these vital sectors of the Omani economy. From 2001, he has served as a member of the State Council holding several positions, such as chairman of the Economic Committee and Development Plans Implementation Follow-up Committee, where he has served energetically in the conduct of important studies and issuing reports to the government.

From April 2000 onwards, he has served as a core-founding member, Chairman of the Academic Foundation Committee, and General Secretary of the Higher Foundation Committee for the University of Nizwa Project. In 2004, he was appointed as Chancellor of the University of Nizwa where he embarked on bringing the project to reality, creating a functioning campus that adheres to quality standards, ethics and procedures. In December 2006, he was promoted to the academic position of Founding Professor, by the scholarly independent academic committee.
   Thumbay Moideen

Founder President, Board Of Governors
Gulf Medical University


A man of vision and dynamism, with a determination to succeed, Thumbay Moideen is recognized in india and beyond, for the various achievements to his credit.

Born on 23rd March, 1957, Mangalorean by birth, Mr. Moideen, a third generation entrepreneur was raised in a traditional family with a business background. Today, his name is synonymous with professionalism and positive approach. Taking to business at the tender age of 21 years, he demonstrated his business acumen from the very start.

Mr. Moideen handled the mantle of the large business house established by his father Mr. Ahamed Hajee Mohiudeen. His father's and grandfather Mr. yenepoya Moideen Kunhi's inspiration enabled him to grow and expand the business, taking it to new heights within a few years.

in the year 1998, Mr. Moideen established the THUMBAy Group, U.A.E. Under his dynamic leadership it went on to achieve tremendous growth, and in the process, provided a means of livelihood to hundreds of families over the last decade. The Thumbay Group has since ventured into Health Education, Healthcare, Medical research, diagnostics, retail Pharmacy, Health communications, information Technology, retail opticals, Wellness, Hospitality and real Estate.
   Professor AbdulSattar Al-Alusi, FCQI CQP

Ittihad University


  • PhD October 1985 - September 1988

  • Bradford School of Management, University of Bradford, UK

  • Specialization: Operational research/Management Science

  • Thesis Title: The Practical Use of Dynamic Optimisation in Operational Research: A study of the role of System Dynamics Simulation and Heuristic Optimisation in Operational Research and its application as an advanced technique for Policy Design in Defence Models.

  • M.Sc. October 1976 – 1977

  • University of Southampton, UK

  • Specialization: Operational Research: An Algorithm for Solving the Two-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem, February, 1978.

  • B.Sc. in Mathematics, College of Science, 1975

  • Al-Mustansiriyah University, IRAQ
  • Chancellor and CEO, ITTIHAD UNIVERSITY, UAE, April 27, 2011- Now.

  • Local PhD Advisor, University of Wolverhampton, UK, May 2013-Now

  • Visiting Professor, Business Improvement Centre, Coventry University, UK, April 26, 2012 –April 25, 2013.

  • Vice Chancellor for Quality Affairs, ITTIHAD UNIVERSITY, UAE, February 7, 2010 – April 26, 2011,

  • Dean, College of Management and Information Systems, ITTIHAD UNIVERSITY, UAE, Sept. 1999 – 2010.

  • Director, Business Information Systems Program, ITTIHAD UNIVERSITY, UAE, Sept. 1999 – Feb. 6, 2010.

  • Director, Planning, Evaluation & Quality Administration, ITTIHAD UNIVERSITY, UAE, October, 2001- July 2008.

  • Director, Office for Academic Accreditation Affairs, ITTIHAD UNIVERSITY, UAE, October, 2005- July 2008.

  • Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology; Sana'a- YEMEN, Sept. 1998 – Sept. 1999; Also as an adjunct Associate Prof. for the 1997-1998 Academic Year.

  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, University of Sana'a- YEMEN, Dec. 1996 – Sept. 1998.

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, College of Administration & Economics; Baghdad University, 1994 - July, 1996.

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Operational Research (Information Systems now); Mansour University College; Iraq, Aug., 1993 - July, 1996.

  • Assistant and then Associate Professor, Al-Baker University for Military Postgraduate/High Studies, Iraq, December, 1988 – December, 1995.

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Operational Research (Information Systems now); Mansour University College; Iraq, Nov., 1988 - Aug., 1993.

  • Ph.D. Researcher, School of Management, University of Bradford; UK, Oct. 1985 - Sept. 1988.

  • Lecturer, Military Engineering (Technical) College, Dec. 22, 1984 – Dec. 10, 1988, Baghdad, Iraq

  • Director of Computer Centre, State Constructional Constructing Company, Baghdad, Iraq, 1979-1981 and then State Constructional Company for Industrial Projects, Baghdad, Iraq, 1981-Dec. 22, 1984.

  • Acting General Manager for Planning and Follow-up, State Constructional Constructing Company, Baghdad, Iraq, 1979-1980.

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Al- Mustansiriyah University, Iraq, Oct., 1978 - Oct., 1985.

  • Computer Programmer and Administrative Officer, State Constructional Constructing Company, Baghdad, Iraq, 1970 - 1976
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